Kairros provides professional advice on a range of health management and re-employment issues for employers, insurers and clients.

Ergonomic Assessments

With more and more work being computer-based, it is vital that computer workstations are set up safely. Kairros offers best practice ergonomic assessments which consider the nature of the task being completed, the visual demands and the user themselves.

Ergonomic Workstation reviews

Every team member has unique needs to establish and maintain correct posture while working. Computer workstations must be set up correctly to accommodate these needs for a safe, healthy and productive workforce. The Kairros ergonomic workstation review is vital towards ensuring safety during computer-based work.

Ergonomic reviews

  • help identify physical and/or psychological requirements of a worker’s workstation
  • provide recommendations for workstation adjustment/modification
  • provide recommendations for equipment required to address or prevent symptoms.
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