In Your Element

In Your Element is an outdoor exercise intervention for Psychological Injury.

An ever-growing evidence base suggests that physical activity alleviates symptoms associated with depression and anxiety as well as provides support for overcoming alcoholism and substance abuse.

Studies have also shown that;

  • exercise results in improved self-image, social skills, and cognitive functioning
  • regular exercise decreases the likelihood of relapse or regression of symptoms

In terms of overall quality of life, people with severe mental illness experience a premature mortality of around 15–20 years, largely due to inequalities in physical health (Ribe et al. 2014). This means that people with severe mental illness will have a significantly higher risk of obesity, hyperglycemia and metabolic syndrome, all of which contribute towards the development of cardiovascular diseases (Gardner-Sood et al. 2015).

Exercise can address all of those factors simultaneously.

What We Deliver

In Your Element provides an outdoor exercise intervention in an individual or group setting to improve quality of life and return to work outcomes. In Your Element combines the well-documented positive effects of exercise and social integration on mental health.

In Your Element Includes:

  • Initial physiological assessment, conducted by a specialist Exercise Physiologist
  • Six-eight sessions of 1:1 exercise in a local park
  • Progress reports after session four and eight of the program to confirm progress made
  • Final physiological assessment and report, including recommendations for ongoing intervention

Referral Criteria:

  • Primary psychological injury
  • Limited social support
  • Lack of motivation for daily activities
  • Duration of injury: eight weeks or greater

Service Delivery Principles:









Key Performance Indicators:

  • Social Support
  • Motivation
  • Severity of Symptoms
  • Certified Hours

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